Business relocation

If you own a company there might come the time when you’ve outgrown your current space and need to relocated somewhere else. Such process is always associated with a lot of time consuming planning, budgeting and looking for a company who has all the qualities necessary to make you moving process go easy.

Husky Truck NYC consists of the team whos members have been in the industry for ears, and are on top in their field.

We realize how time consuming and often expensive commercial moving is, this is why our team is here to offer you a decent service for fair pricing.

Every member of our team is properly trained for various moving services, and have helped hundreds of customers to get from point A to Z over the years.

When it comes to Commercial move ,we understand that there are different factors involved , like time sensitivity , safety of the items, ensuring every single item get to the destination point with out a delay.

We ensure to :

-Provide proper supervision on site,to ensure all the items you entrust us are counted and safely packed

-Be ready to provide any special equipment required for haulding of large and heavy objects

-Provide you with detailed moving and delivery timing

-Update you with the location of the truck

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